Nautilus Bay Web Design

Let our skilled team of highly flexible designers create your website for you. Depending on your needs, we have experience with Joomla, Wordpress, and "plain" HTML platforms. We believe in giving you the best experience possible and are happy to work with any limitations you have. Generally, a website will take one to four weeks but can be longer or shorter depending on the project. If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, here is an idea of the types of websites we normally do. If you have needs beyond this list, contact us and we would love to take on a challenge.

Also, pricing is not listed below because websites come in such variety of sizes. We give discounts if you buy a hosting package, and are willing to work with you if cost is an issue, but for a "normal sized" quality website you can expect to pay between $199 and $999 with a one year hosting and management subscription. We understand this is a wide range, so contact us for a free quote.




Single Page

Single page websites are used as landing pages for businesses that don't have much information needed to be presented online. This includes blogs, landing pages, and "pamphlet" themed websites. Single-page websites are strongest at giving a powerful, focused presentation.


Multi Page

When a single-page isn't enough to display all of your information, multi-page websites are used. These are the stereotypical website with a menu at the top or side, and content in the middle. These are best for the tidy organization of large sets of information.



A catalogue style website is similar to a multi-page website, except instead of having a unique layout for each page it has the same style for every page and just changes a single element of the layout for different pages.





Websites built for sales are referred to as "E-Commerce" sites. These can be anything from a simple catalog to a full, money making website. Contact us today for the opportunity to move your business online and boost your at-location sales.



The most common type of community-based websites are forums and social media sites. These can be used to harness the power of word of mouth or to make personal connections with your customers. With the growing influence of social media outlets, community based websites are picking up a larger role on the internet.



The easiest way to keep fresh content on your website is to include a blog. Fresh content draws new customers, keeps old ones, and has the potential to improve your Google ranking.



Some degree of mobile compatibility is provided by default on our sites, but a seamless transition to a fully mobile website is essential to grab the attention of smartphone users.


Contact us today and we would love to hear what type of website you're interested in!